Shannon Airport – 21,000 Passengers Expected This Week

Shannon Airport News

Shannon Airport is preparing to welcome over 21,000 passengers through its doors over the extended St Patrick’s Day holiday period. This is the largest number of passengers for this period in over three years. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, the airport arrivals doors have been painted green.

Shannon Airport – 21,000 Passengers Expected This Week

The restart of the transatlantic air services at Shannon Airport and the resumption of US preclearance are reasons for the expected boost in passengers. International events like Cheltenham, and the extra bank holiday have led to more passengers using Shannon Airport.

Niall Maloney, Airport Operations Director at Shannon Airport said: “With the welcome resumption of transatlantic traffic at Shannon Airport from last week, we are delighted to see US visitors returning to our region. 

“Like other airports around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic took its toll and that is why two years on, we are looking forward to doing what we do best and providing our passengers with a warm welcome and making their journey through our airport smooth and easy.

With the lifting of travel restrictions, and the extended range of air services from Shannon this summer, we are beginning to see a growing desire to take a well-earned break or to reconnect with family and friends overseas.

Shannon Airport News

100ml Liquids Rule Eliminated at Shannon Airport

“We are really pleased with the very positive feedback from our customers using our new security screening system which eliminates the 100ml rule for our passengers. It means that they no longer have to separate their liquids and gels into clear plastic bags. Other items like laptops, can remain in their cabin bag, speeding up their journey through airport security screening. 

“With air services to over 26 destinations available from Shannon this summer, we are looking forward to a busy year and the return of tourists directly into the West of Ireland.”


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