SEA LIFE Bray, A Perfect Family Fun Day

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From the moment I mentioned to my 3 year-old that we were to visit SEA LIFE later that week, the words Baby-shark, Seahorse, Nemo, Dory, and Mermaids became a constant conversation in the house. I regretted telling her so early. It was to be a long week of google searches about fish and sea creatures.

So, on the day, you can imagine a very happy girl going out on a magical adventure. And that’s exactly what she experienced.

A Perfect Family Fun Day in ireland

SEA LIFE Bray Aquarium is home to over 1,000 Freshwater and Marine animals from Ireland and around the world. Set out in over 30 engaging displays, this is a fun time out for all ages, even my 13 month-old was entertained from start to finish. 

For him, I think it was the multitude of fast moving colours in the tanks. As a lock-down born baby, this was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced.

For my 3 year-old, it was an opportunity to impress daddy with her knowledge on the world under water.

There was a friendly guide on hand who pointed out interesting facts and told us about how some poisonous fish can live in harmony, while others need to be separated. The Lionfish reminded me of a time I was snorkelling in Egypt and how we were refused entry to the water one day as there was a Lionfish in the water off the hotel pier.  She also enthralled my daughter with the story of how the daddy Seahorse just had lots of babies. Go Dad!

A Perfect Family Fun Day in ireland

From a booking and safety point of view, everything ran as clockwork. I booked our time online, we turned up, scanned in, and began our tour. Every family was spaced out, according to restrictions, and I think the spacing may have made the experience more enjoyable.

It may not be the longest of activities – taking about 30-40 minutes in total, for us, it was just right. And as we walked along the atmospheric Bray seafront, eating some delicious Gelato, chatter was all about when we would be going back. And each morning since, she’s asked ‘are we going today?’ Praise indeed.

Tickets are €13.05 for adults and €6 for children, under 3s go free.  


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