Northern Lights Over Ireland – Catch Them Again Tonight

A sky lit up with Northern Lights in shades of purple, green and pink

If you’ve missed catching the Northern Lights in Ireland last night, and are interested in a second chance, tonight is your night. Sky gazers are in for another opportunity.

Northern Lights were spotted across Ireland (as well as Scotland and Great Britain) on Sunday night, a rare occurrence – that many sky watchers captured (setting social media feeds abuzz) and many sadly missed.

However, it’s expected the Aurora Borealis will be most visible in northern areas on Monday, provided there are clear skies. So if you are feeling rather left out, or feel a twinge of envy looking at your social media feed, here’s your chance.

Alan O’Reilly, an amateur meteorologist who runs the Carlow Weather social media accounts, and posted some really gorgeous shots of the Northern Lights (as captured yesterday) has some tips. He told Newstalk radio how people can get the best sight of them. According to his talk with Newstalk: “It’s always very tricky trying to predict the Northern Lights, but there’s a certainly a chance again tonight.

“The best chance is probably once it gets dark, but really after 9pm, until about 11pm, but it can vary a little bit.

“A dark area is the best way to see it. So if you can get away from street lights and town lights, really the darkest area you can get to, is the best chance, looking north.

“The north-east is probably the best opportunity tonight, in terms of clouds cover and being further north. Any chance, just look up, and you never know.”

A couple watching Northern Lights in Donegal over the sea

If you have seen, and captured the spectacular show of Northern Lights on Sunday, or manage to do so today, do send us your photographs please. Or tag us on social media. We would love to view the shots from our readers and passionate Irish sky watchers.


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