Food Enthusiasts and Chefs – Check out ‘Food On The Edge’

It's a graphic visual - looks like watercolours. And you have the words Food on the Edge in a fiery font and different colours like shades of pink, blue, yellow and one of the bits has a tail - so the entire graphic looks like a dragon of sorts. The event was, and is about food.
A photograph from the Food On The Edge 2017 gallery of images

Here’s a wee little question. What would you call a coming together of chefs, with some of the most well-known names talking and debating about the future of food?

The answer is Food On The Edge, and it is a two-day symposium that brings food enthusiasts and chefs to Ireland every year.

This year, it’s taking place at the Airfield Estate, Dundrum on on Mon 17th & Tues 18th October 2022. You may have been to the Airfield Estate – it’s where the Farmers Market usually takes place every Friday and Saturday.

P Mc Mahon, #FOTE2018 director is on an orange tractor and is wearing a white T shirt with the following words 'I eat Therefore I farm' and there is buntings in the framework
JP Mc Mahon, #FOTE2018 director, pictured at the programme launch of Food On The Edge 2018 and Culture Night 2018, outside the O’ Donoghue Centre at NUIG on Friday. Photo Declan Monaghan

A great line-up of names has been announced for Food On the Edge, and like in the past, top international chefs are going to be here. Approximately 50 chefs usually speak over the two-day symposium. All are chosen for their innovation, passion and influence on today’s food culture. Each speaker, with their own unique perspective, talks for 15 minutes on the cultural, social, environmental and educational aspects of food. The emphasis for the talk is on their vision for the future of food and how we can make things better on both a local and a global level.

So if you’re familiar with the likes of Rasmus Monk (of Copenhagen’s Alchemist Restaurant), Paolo Casagrande of Barcelona’s 3 Michelin start Lasarte, Chet Sharma of the famed restaurant Bibi, you’re in for a treat. They are all going to be there. Also making a return to the platform are authors, chefs and activists and food-educator Alice Zaslavsky, Jess Murphy of Kai Galway, social gastronomy disruptor Joshna Maharaj and thought-leader on food and cities Carolyn Steel.

With so many top chefs sharing their vision for the future, there won’t be a minute to feel bored. Besides when it comes to food and conversations on food – how can one ever have enough? Wasn’t it food, and the promise of being able to share it with loved ones that kept us all going through the pandemic?

And talking of pandemic and food, there’s a small treat for all those who check the Food On The Edge website and subscribe to their newsletter. A free copy of their new eBook ‘Lessons from Lockdown: Cooking after Covid’ is up for grabs!

If you attend the event, and have something to share, do drop in a line. We’d love to hear about the latest trends in food culture, including conversations on sustainability and innovation.


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