Five Ways to Celebrate Friendship this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s easy to feel left behind when you’re single. Don’t panic – we’ve got the perfect solution. Here are five Valentine’s activities for you and your closest friends to enjoy this year, so all you singletons can still celebrate.

Five Ways to Celebrate Friendship this Valentine’s Day

A Boozy Brunch

What better way to celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day than a bit of brunch and a few mimosas with your nearest and dearest? Brunch is the perfect daytime activity for friends to enjoy together – and it’s a great excuse to make day-drinking look classy.

There are lots of great spots to choose from, with restaurants around the country making serving a weekly or daily brunch menu. Don’t know where to start looking? Check out our favourite Galway brunch spots for some inspiration!

A Cosy Movie Night

Whether it’s a cosy night in or a big night out, you can’t go wrong with a great film. Snuggle up with your best pals and have a browse through Netflix, or head to the cinema to make it really feel like date night.

Whether you want to celebrate the occasion with a romance movie, or forget all about it and delve into some horror or action, you can never go wrong with movie night. Make your evening that bit more special with a stay at one of Ireland’s most unique hotels – check out our list of five hotels with cinemas.

A Relaxing Spa Day

You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself and your closest friends to a spa day – but if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Grab your friends and head out to one of Ireland’s heavenly spas, where you can unwind and let go of all stress.

Whether you’re after a deep tissue massage or a trip to the sauna, there are plenty of facilities around the country to help you find just what you need. Looking for the full package? Make a night of it at one of our favourite Irish hotels with spas.

A Rejuvenating Pamper Night

If you’d rather stay home this year, you can still treat yourself and your buddies to some rejuvenating self-care. Get your cosiest pyjamas on and grab your favourite skincare products before settling in for a quiet night of relaxation.

Complete your evening with some delicious snacks and music of your choice. This is the perfect way to refresh and unwind with friends. Looking for some new products to really treat your skin? Have a look at these Irish skincare brands that are sure to impress and leave you feeling refreshed.

A Night of Camping

There are lots of scenic areas in Ireland, perfect for camping and stargazing while the sky is clear. This is a fabulous idea for lovers of the outdoors, where you and your friends can connect with nature while you make long-lasting memories.

While the weather is still a bit nippy, you’ll want to wrap up for this one. If you don’t feel up for braving the February cold, why not rent a campervan? Check out our favourite campervan rentals, so you can stay cosy and warm while you camp out and explore Ireland’s most stunning areas.

How will you and your friends be celebrating this year? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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