‘Earth Rising’ – Check Out The New Cool Festival At The Irish Museum of Modern Art

You can see arches and a play of light and shadows. The arches are coloured - there's green, yellow, red, maroon and a white door. This is from the IMMA grounds

Over 70 contributors. A stunning Built to Disappear eco pavilion sponsored by Lioncor and designed by Reddy Architecture + Urbanism. Talks, and workshops, and a festival that brings together a wide variety of eco artists, practitioners and activists from across the island of Ireland. Not to forget an eclectic live music line up and a variety of food stalls. That’s the new festival at The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) for you, and it takes place from Friday 21st of October to Sunday 23rd October.

Titled ‘Earth Rising’ – the three-day Eco Art Festival celebrates people, places and our planet. Artists, architects, storytellers, biologists, performers, designers, musicians and film makers will combine inspiring artistic interventions and civic exploration of eco creativity, with workshops, talks and events, taking place across the IMMA campus.

The festival will be officially opened by Anja Murray, ecologist, environmental policy analyst, and broadcaster. While there’s lots happening on the opening night, don’t miss out on the events on the next two days either. For example, on Saturday, you have David San Clair and Katie Phelan performing from 12.30 – 2 pm. On Sunday, you have ‘The Four Elements‘, Burning Circus from 5.45 – 6.10pm, and these are just two of the many events that are lined up for the festival.

And we have to say this, because well, it’s true! Everyone’s interested in what’s on offer food wise. It’s one of the (many) elements of what makes a great night, or an amazing festival. So, if you’re up at the festival at the IMMA, you can try out the food stalls – from The Flying Dog, The Salt Project and The Salty Buoy, among many others.

Also, do note that all events work on a first come basis and there is also a large amount of drop-in events throughout each day.

Keynote talks will be given by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, author, consultant and entrepreneur who is building the Low Carbon Design Institute and Lucy Jones, author of Losing Eden, Why Our Minds Need the Wild.

Artist commissions include Kind Words Can Never Die, a visually stunning new site-specific installation created by artist Navine G. Dossos for the IMMA Courtyard; an immersive sonic installation by Em’kal Eyongakpa in the Formal Gardens; and the idiosyncratic seating structures found across the site, titled Y O U N G F O S S I L, created by Forerunner.

Brightly coloured art installations. Like petals of a flower, the designs are in colours of yellow, red, green sky blue. and this is from the eco art festival at IMMA..
Installation of Kind Words Can Never Die, photograph courtesy the IMMA

If you’d like all the details, including the programme of events for each day, you’ll find them here. Tickets are free and are available from Wednesday 21 September; please click here to book your ticket.



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