Celebrating Oktoberfest in Ireland – Great Beer & The Best Craic!

If you're visiting Ireland in October, you can add the Oktoberfest flavour to your itinerary as Dublin doubles up on its fun quotient


Oktoberfest is off to a great start in Germany. The beer is flowing ever since the ‘O’zapft is!’ was said on 12 noon, September 17th. And why not? Back after a two-year hiatus, Oktoberfest has everything that people have been waiting for. As the Bavarian governor Markus Soeder said, “We have two or three difficult years behind us, no-one knows exactly what this winter will be like, and we need joie de vivre and strength.”

If you haven’t made it to Munich but are in Ireland for a lovely trip, fret not. There’s plenty of (really) good beer to be had in Ireland, and Dublin is certainly a city which knows how to have fun. Along with the other interesting things you’ve lined up for your Ireland visit, you can include some ‘German cheer’!

To begin with, here’s a bit about how Oktoberfest was celebrated in Ireland (in the past).There used to be a traditional Oktoberfest — an annual event that took place at the North Dock in Dublin. It hasn’t materialised in the last couple of years; apparently it was the “unprecedented increases” in insurance premium that put a spanner in the works. There were also pubs and breweries that brought in the fest in their own way. In Cork, the Franciscan Well Brewery did run a festival with dates parallel to those of the festival in Munich. Waterford’s Downes Pub was also known for celebrating Oktoberfest in the past.

While most of these events are not happening this year, not all is lost. Ireland always has something going on, no matter what time of the year.

Eatyard is hosting a Oktoberfest event this year at The Bernard Shaw, and it runs from Sept 30th to Oct 30th. It’s proving to be very popular with sittings being sold out, but there is a table for four to be won! Apart from beer and food, the event promises “Bodytonic Buzz with a whole host of German games to dig your teeth into including Stein-Holding competitions, Hasselhoff karaoke, Lederhösen Limbo, Blind Beer Tasting, DJs & much more.”

If you are looking for what will be available on tap, it is a range of German beers and giant steins, as well as some non alcoholic options. There will also be German wine on tap and Bavarian winter warmers. Team them up with some pretzels, bratwursts, currywurst schnitzel burgers and Bavarian cheese and charcuterie boards. Sounds like fun?

It’s also worthwhile to note that if you are going to be in Drumcondra (that’s where The Bernard Shaw is), you may take in a few other sights. There’s plenty there to see and do. You could begin your day by taking in the charms of the National Botanic Gardens, or walk the Royal Canals. You could, alternatively, visit the Croke Park Museum before you head for the Oktoberfest celebrations. But wait, we almost forgot! There are plenty of good pubs in the area, especially around Croke Park, and there’s always an opportunity for a pub crawl!

The second Oktoberfest event that we have listed out for you is happening at The Lighthouse in Dun Laoghaire. They are all set to dedicate a full weekend to “all things beer, cheese, pretzels and of course, bratwurst.” What will be on the tap, you ask? Well, there will be a range of German beers (but of course) and giant steins. And like the Eatyard event, this one will also provide non alcoholic options, German wine on tap and some Bavarian winter warmers.

Again, if you are going to be Dun Laoghaire, might as well make the most of this beautiful harbour town. We suggest that you make a day out of it. You can do the award-winning Dublin Bay Cruises, grab an ice cream from Teddy’s, or visit the National Maritime Museum of Ireland. One of my favourite things to do when in Dun Laoghaire is to grab some fish and chips, find a bench at The People’s Park and indulge in a bit of ‘people watching!’

Whatever you choose to do, you are going to be so entertained. We told you – Dublin has plenty to offer, and you won’t be missing out on anything whilst you are here!


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