A Haunting on Wheels? DoDublin Ghost Bus Tour!

Take a trip to Dublin’s dark side on board the original Ghostbus tour, and discover a side to the city you never knew existed. Dublin’s dark secrets include many tales that shocked, repulsed, or horrified Dubliners back in the day. The Ghostbus Tour brings these stories back to life in sinister detail.

Visit the scenes of these most despicable acts, be entertained by your storyteller and driver. Stop off at a creepy hidden city centre graveyard and visit the haunted steps of St Audeons Church where the ghosts of Darky Kelly and Lepers still roam the medieval quarter to this day. The visit includes a demonstration of medieval torture implements which is always a big hit.

The Ghostbus tour is a great ‘alternative’ night out in Dublin city. Ideal for anyone with an interest in the darker side of life. Tour storytellers are experienced professional actors who know how to put on a great show.

The bus itself is an incredible venue for all things macabre, travel through winding corridors and sinister rooms below before emerging into a stark Victorian theatre on the upper deck, complete with blood red velvet curtains.

Get a crash course in the art of body snatching, hear of sinister Dublin surgeon Dr Clossey, learn of the inspiration behind Bram Stokers most famous character Dracula, and much more.

The Dublin Ghostbus tour was the first of its kind in the world. The idea has now been copied in many cities but the Dublin Ghostbus tour is considered the original and the best.

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